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2018年1月15日 (月)


アジア・太平洋地域の 政治,社会,文化をカバーする 電子版ニュース ‘THE DIPLOMAT’,2017/12/26付けに  “Winners and Losers From Asia’s Year of the Rooster” (「酉年のアジアの勝者と敗者」)の見出しの記事がありました。
副題は “How did Asia’s leaders fare in 2017?” (「アジアのリーダー達は2017年,どのようにやってきたか?」)です。



Lenin power prize: Xi Jinping
レーニンパワー賞: 習 近平

A prizewinner for the second straight year, Chinese President Xi Jinping successfully cemented his hold on power at the Communist Party’s 19th National Congress, even getting his name written into the constitution with “Xi Jinping Thought.”

2年連続の賞を受賞した中国人民代表 習近平は,共産党第19回全国大会において,「習近平 思想」を憲法に記して その力を維持した。

While now entering his second five-year term, analysts suggest he could even secure a third or fourth term, thanks to the lack of an obvious successor in the Politburo Standing Committee.


Yet with China’s high debt levels and a slowing economy, Xi will have his hands full in avoiding a crash while pushing through much-needed reforms.


Sato award for longevity: Shinzo Abe

Another two-time winner, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe once again outsmarted his political opponents with his surprise early election delivering a sweeping victory.

もう一人の 2度目の勝者,安倍晋三首相は,驚くべき早期選挙で政界の反対勢力を圧倒し,再び勝利を収めた。

He could even become Japan’s longest serving postwar leader, should he win another three-year term as party president in September’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) poll.


In the meantime, he will have to manage the North Korean crisis and attempt to push through further economic reform by delivering the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, while giving the economy sufficient altitude to ride out the planned 2019 consumption tax hike.


Graceful departure award: Emperor Akihito

Japan’s Emperor Akihito wins a prize for the deft handling of his abdication, the nation’s first in more than 200 years. After hinting at his desire to retire in August 2016, the well-loved Emperor had his wish granted by the Diet, which enacted a one-off law in June allowing the abdication.

日本の明仁天皇は,200年以上の歴史上 初めてのスムーズな自身の退位に関する処理により賞を勝ち取った。2016年8月に引退を希望した天皇は,退位を許す一回限りの法律を 6月に制定した国会の許可を得た。

The Emperor will step down in April 2019, with the pressure on his successor, Crown Prince Naruhito, to replicate his father’s success in becoming one of Japan’s most admired figures globally.


The balancing act award: Moon Jae-in

South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s triumphant election victory in May has been all but overshadowed by the North Korean crisis, with the North’s belligerence preventing a successful “Moonshine” policy of engagement.

文在寅 韓国大統領の5月の大統領選挙での勝利は,「月光政策」北朝鮮の好戦性が北朝鮮の巧妙な「ムンシェイン」政策を妨げていることを除けば、すべてが影を投げかけている。

But on top of that, the former human rights lawyer has had to play a political balancing act between China, the nation’s largest trading partner, and the United States, its key security ally.


While China has applied economic pressure on Seoul over its acceptance of the U.S.-supplied THAAD missile system, Moon has also faced calls from Washington for the renegotiation of the “horrible” U.S.-South Korea trade pact. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

米国から供給されたTHAADミサイルシステムを受け入れていることに対して中国から経済的圧力をかけられている一方で,文在寅は ワシントンからの「恐ろしい」米韓貿易協定の再交渉を求められている。これらのような友達と,誰が敵を必要としますか?

The Beatles award for lasting popularity: Narendra Modi


The “Crocodile Dundee” prize for political survival: Malcolm Turnbull


The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde prize: Aung San Suu Kyi

From Asia’s champion of democracy and Nobel Peace Prize winner to alleged sponsor of ethnic cleansing and media repression, Myanmar’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi has shown a performance worthy of Jekyll and Hyde.

アジアの民主主義チャンピオンとノーベル平和賞受賞者から 民族浄化とメディア抑圧の(疑わしいが)スポンサーまで,ミャンマーの事実上のリーダーであるアウン・サン・スー・チーは,ジキルとハイドに匹敵するパフォーマンスを見せている。

After winning more than 120 international honors, including the Nobel prize, Suu Kyi has now had the indignity of past honors being revoked by Dublin and Oxford college due to the purge of Rohingya Muslims.


With two Reuters journalists recently detained for reporting on the crisis, Suu Kyi is unlikely to win any favors from the international media either.

最近,ミャンマーの危機の取材をしていた,2人のロイター・ジャーナリストを拘束したので,スー・チー氏は 国際メディアから好意的に見られることはないだろう。

The snatching defeat from the jaws of victory prize: Bill English


The Icarus award: Yuriko Koike

Popular Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike was considered Japan’s most likely first female leader, after her success in taming the Tokyo bureaucrats and defeating the incumbent LDP.


However, her move to form her own “Hope” party to challenge Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s LDP in October’s general election badly backfired, with Koike being seen as too heavy-handed in weeding out leftist candidates.


The former defense minister apologized for her party’s failure in the poll, which produced a landslide for Abe amid a badly split opposition.

元防衛大臣は選挙中の自民党の失敗を謝罪し,これはひどく分割された野党の中で 安倍首相の地滑りを引き起こした。

Koike’s ability to revive her national ambitions will now depend on her success as governor, where she faces the challenge of avoiding a cost blowout at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, along with the on-again, off-again move of the landmark Tsukiji fish market to new premises.

小池氏の国家的野心を復活させる能力は,現在,知事としての成功にかかっており,ここで 彼女は,ランドマークの築地魚市場の新施設への移転と前後 併行し,東京2020年オリンピックでの費用高騰を回避するという課題に直面している。

The shoot first, ask questions later prize: Rodrigo Duterte
最初に撃って,後で質問をする賞:ロドリゴ・ドゥテルテ (フィリピン大統領)


With 2017 rapidly drawing to a close, Pacific Money will next take a look at the outlook for 2018, the Year of the Dog. In the meantime, season’s greetings to readers everywhere and our best wishes for a happy New Year.

2017年が早々と幕を閉じ,“Pacific Money” は 戌年 2018年の見通しを見直す予定である。終わりに,世界中の読者に季節の挨拶をおくり,幸せな新年を祈ります。
(“Pacific Money”?)


韓国・文在寅大統領の 「バランシング活動賞」は むしろ 「綱渡り賞」と訳すべきでで,そのうち 落下しそうです。米中間での綱渡りに加えて 自ら進んで日本とも綱渡り状態に陥っています。

ミャンマーのロヒンギャに関する報道は知っていましたが,アウン・サン・スー・チーさんの 「ジキル博士とハイド賞」には 繋がりませんでした。

小池さんの 「イカルス賞」は秀逸です。


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« これも “CAPTCHA” ? | トップページ | 正しい 「正しい箸の持ち方」は あるのか? »