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2019年1月30日 (水)

IWCの “History and Purpose”

年末に 日本が IWC 脱退を表明したことに関連して,IWCの歴史と目的を再確認するため,IWC のホームページにどのように示されているか見ました。

History and purpose” の項がありました。

以下 拙訳と共に転載します。


The IWC was set up under the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling which was signed in Washington DC on 2nd December 1946. The preamble to the Convention states that its purpose is to provide for the proper conservation of whale stocks and thus make possible the orderly development of the whaling industry. 


To read the text of the Convention, click here.

An integral part of the Convention is its legally binding 'Schedule.'  The Schedule sets out specific measures that the IWC has collectively decided are necessary in order to regulate whaling and conserve whale stocks.

条約の不可欠な部分は,その法的拘束力のある「スケジュール」である。 スケジュールは,捕鯨を規制し,鯨資源を保護するために必要な,IWCがトータル的に決定した特定の措置を規定している。

These measures include catch limits (which may be zero as it the case for commercial whaling) by species and area, designating specified areas as whale sanctuaries, protection of calves and females accompanied by calves, and restrictions on hunting methods. Unlike the Convention, the Schedule can be amended and updated when the Commission meets (a change requires at least three quarters majority agreement).  There are a number of reasons why changes to the Schedule may be necessary.  These include new information from the Scientific Committee, and variations in the requirements of aboriginal subsistence whalers.


To read the text of the Schedule, click here.

The Commission also co-ordinates and, in several cases, funds conservation work on many species of cetacean. In addition to research, this includes building an international entanglement response capacity, working to prevent ship strikes, and establishment of Conservation Management Plans for key species and populations.  The Commission has also adopted a Strategic Plan for Whalewatching to facilitate the further development of this activity in a way which is responsible and consistent with international best practice.


The Commission undertakes extensive study and research on cetacean populations, develops and maintains scientific databases, and publishes its own peer reviewed scientific journal, the Journal of Cetacean Research and Management.

委員会は,鯨類個体群に関する広範な研究と調査を行い,科学的データベースを発展,維持し,そして自身の査読付き科学雑誌,「鯨類の調査・管理ジャーナル」(Journal of Cetacean Research and Management) を発行している。


目的は 「捕鯨産業の秩序ある発展」で 間違いありません。
そうしなかった,あるいは できなかった IWC は その名と目的に値しない組織に成り下がっていると言うべきでしょう。

“The countries,which do not approve the whaling industry itself in IWC,should be withdrawn or expeled. Otherwise, IWC has already lost its existential value. Because IWC's purpose is to make possible the orderly development of the whaling industry.   


« CNN の “Places to vist in 2019” に 福岡がー | トップページ | トーネットの日本総代理店だった “AIDEC”が ー 。 »






« CNN の “Places to vist in 2019” に 福岡がー | トップページ | トーネットの日本総代理店だった “AIDEC”が ー 。 »