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2020年1月13日 (月)

Comment by Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office on Defendant Ghosn’s Statemet in Bichara

1月8日,レバノンで行われた,カルロス・ゴーン容疑者の記者会見,というより スピーチに対して 東京地方検察庁は,そのホームページに,次席検事名でコメントを掲載しました。(英語 および 日本語)

次に 英語版(拙訳と共にー日本語版とは 若干 表現が異なる)を転載します。


Comment by Deputy Chief of Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office on Defendant Carlos Ghosn Bichara’s Press Conference
被告人カルロス・ゴーンのビシャラでの記者会見についての東京地方検察庁 次席検事コメント

January 9, 2020

Defendant Carlos Ghosn fled from Japan by acting in a way that could constitute a crime in itself. His statements durig his press conference today failed to justify his acts.


Defendant Ghosn has only himself to blame for being arrested and detained for approximately 130 days and for the need to impose conditions on his release on bail that kept him from contacting his wife.

ゴーン被告は,約130日間逮捕され拘留されたこと,および彼の妻との接触を妨げた保釈の条件を課す必要性は 自分自身に帰するべきものである。

Defendant Ghosn was deemed a high flight-risk,which is obvious from the fact that he actually fled and illegally departed from the country.

ゴーン被告は 逃亡リスクが高いとみなされたが,これは彼が実際に,違法に日本から逃亡した事実から明らかである。

His wife was one of the person involved in the scheme to wire the funds that the defendant obtained from Nissan by breach of his legal duty Defendant Ghosn reached out through his wife to other people concerned and thereby colluded and tampered with evidence.


The Defendant Ghosn’s allegations completely ignore his own conduct,and his one-sided criticism of the Japanese criminal justice is totally unacceptable.


The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office properly obtained the lead and, in accordance with Japanese law,legally developed our investigation regarding Defendant Ghosn’s criminal acts and initiated prosecution.


Through the investigation, the prosecutors collected sufficient evidence to determine that there was a high probability of obtaining conviction and,thererfore,initiated prosecution.


It is unlikely that sufficient evidence could be gathered if the crime did not occur.


Defendant Ghosn’s allegation that the prosecution was conspired by Nissan and Public Prosecutors Office is categorically false and completely contrary to fact.


Our office has developed our factual and legal arguments and disclosed the supporting evidence to Ghosn’s defense counsel in order to guarantee a fair and public trial.


However,by fleeing from japan defendant Ghosn flagrantly disregarded Japanese law to avoid the consequences of the crimes he committed.

しかし,日本から逃げることで,ゴーン被告は犯した犯罪の処罰を受けることを嫌って 日本の法律を完全に無視した。

Our office is determined to coordinate with relevant authorities and to take whatever measures we have in our power to bring defendant Ghosn to justice in Japan。



すぐには ゴーン被告を連れ戻して裁判を受けさせられないのなら,逃亡を手伝った者たち(元グリーンベレーは米国籍?)を米国と協力して追い,逮捕することから ・・・。


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